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6 Disc Mist Maker with Float and Spare Discs - copy

Our newest generation Mist Maker Water Fogger with an industry-leading 1900ml/hr output featuring our lightweight 20mm ceramic discs.

This 6 Disc Mist Maker Fogger is perfect for humidifying 8'x8' and bigger greenhouses, grow rooms, laboratories and more. It can handle much larger area's but it's all dependant on the level of humidity you need, and how much air exchange there is.  This ultrasonic mist maker will easily raise the humidity in a small home or large living area to comfortable levels.

Nearly all mist makers have leak-prone LED's on the transducer that will cause algae growth and premature failure! The House of Hydro's mist makers are LED free!

 The House of Hydro's Five Head Water Fogger features five large 20mm misting heads containing high-speed discs for the most powerful mist maker on the market. 

Our 20mm Ultrasonic fogger discs are lightweight and coated in a clear glaze for minimal buildup and easy cleaning. Our competitor's 16mm brass discs just don't compare. 

"starter kit" comes with a power transformer, a spare set of (5) 20mm replacement discs and a floating ring to keep the discs at the perfect depth. 

Add our "Tuff Coat" anti-corrosion coating, and double your warranty!



  • Power Consumption: 1.8A
  • Average droplet size 3-5 microns
  • Misting disk size: 20mm 
  • Float: 153mm (W) x 343mm (L) x 60mm (H)
  • Fogger size: 40mm (W) x 260mm (L) x 60mm (H)
  • Output: 2800ml/h (.74 G/H) 
  • Replacment Fuses 

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