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UV Reservoir Sterilizer

Available ONLY for 120V Outlets (North America) We DO NOT ship glass UV Lights outside N. America. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

NEVER LOOK INTO A UV LIGHT! Always unplug the light before opening your reservoir lid. UV light can damage your eyes. 

Pick up a UV sterilizer to help keep your water clean! This UV light certainly isn't needed to make a DIY humidifier but will help extend intervals between cleanings.

How to use a UV sterilizer: Just plug it in and drop it's that easy! You don't need to run it 24/7 either! Use a timer to run it for about 3 hours per day depending on your environment. If you don't get the needed effect, increase the run time until you have consistently clean water. 

  • 254nm wavelength for the most powerful algae, bacteria, and mold killing power. 
  • 7.75" long cable, on/off switch, includes 2 suction feet
  • 110V/ 9 Watt Bulb
  • 10.24 inch x 0.79 inch

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